Amiyah Scott Biography, Age, Net Worth, Family, Career, Husband

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Amiyah Scott Biography

Amiyah Scott was born on 11 January 1988, in Manhattan NYC and she grew up in New Orleans Lousiana.

She is an American reality star and model, who rose to fame being the cast member of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Besides working as an actress and host, she has also worked as a makeup artist.She struggled with bullying and an identity crisis  she  was a transgender She opted for change ,at the age of fifteen she went for partial transgender surgery and was successfully translated to a female gender at the age of 17, but sadly her parents didn’t embrace her decision, leaving her all alone as an independent transgender teenage looking for answers, However, soon after moving out, her parents came to visit her  accepting and supporting her .

Amiyah Scott Age

she was born on  11 January 1988.

Amiyah Scott Height and Weight

Looking at the physical features of transgender woman she has a very attractive and sensitive body of slim type.She has an estiamated height of 1.86 m tall and weighs around 73 Kgs.

Amiyah Scott Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $1 million which she earned from her career in modelling and television.

Amiyah Scott Education

Regarding her educational background, there is no information gained yet.

Amiyah Scott photo

Amiyah Scott Family

Regarding her family there is no information gained yet.

Amiyah Scott Career

After she was translated to a lady, she started her career as a model and a ballroom dancer as well as an actor. Scott was able to grab the huge fan followings and established herself as a social media personality.She starred as a crew member of hit reality series Real Housewives of Atlanta. Later on, she moved on Fox musical drama series Star, playing a role of a transgender female named Cotton.

Amiyah Scott Husband

She has been rumored to have dated plenty of celebrities men and several famous rappers.During her career as an actress in a series RHOA rumores had it that she had been dating hair stylist Kellon Deryck, currently she is reportedly dating with Micah Dixon.Going through the Amiyah’s and Dixon’s Instagram account their pictures confirms that they are sharing a healthy relationship.

Amiyah Scott Shows

  • Star (TV Show)
  • Real Housewives of Atlanta(TV Show)

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Amiyah Scott Interview

Amiyah Scott News


*“When I was growing up there wasn’t much representation. I didn’t have a hero that I could look to and say, “Okay, things are possible,” trans model and actress Amiyah Scott tells EUR/Electronic Urban Report when asked which images of representation she looked to during her transition process.

“And that’s not saying they didn’t exist,” she added, “but people weren’t as vocal and things weren’t as up front. So it may not have been an identical representation of what I desired. There was no trans representation when I was growing up. I had to pull from different places. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t have role models but as far as a trans woman, or someone whose journey is comparable to my own, no. I had to find it elsewhere.”

Scott is best known for playing Cotton Brown on Lee Daniels‘ “STAR” on FOX. In the series, Cotton was born as Arnold Brown to her Father, Jahil Rivera (Benjamin Bratt) and mother, Carlotta (Queen Latifah) while she was serving time in prison. He later transitioned and was renamed, ‘Cotton’ from a procurer that she used to work for.

We last spoke to the actress during season one, and she dished on the “surreal-ness” of landing her first BIG acting role and working for the award-winning Lee Daniels. This time around, the New Orleans-native explains why Cotton is a much-needed hero in the TV landscape today.

“I think Cotton is strong but feminine. I think the way her character is written, it’s not demeaning. There are things that we have to address. There are realities that we have to talk about and I like the way Lee (Daniels) tries to make it authentic,” she explained. “So yes, I would look at her as a strong trans character that’s much needed because we don’t have many of them. That’s what I’m trying to change now.”

Fans of the series have watched Scott tackle some pretty tough subjects, from Cotton’s tense relationship with her mother, that emotionally-charged scene with Tyrese to Cotton finally meeting her son this season.When asked how she’s come to grow comfortable wearing Cotton’s skin, Scott explains: “I think I was comfortable to begin with (but) I think about the times that I was not comfortable and that is what I use when I’m playing Cotton. I try to channel back to those moments because I’m much further along in my transition than Cotton is. But I have to distinguish my personal life from the character that I’m playing.”While Scott admits that she never feels under pressure (while filming) to please the trans community, she would never take on subject matter that requires her to “compromise myself or my integrity.”

“Cotton is in earlier phases of her transition and it was slightly difficult at first for me to tone my authentic self down to make it more realistic with Cotton and her journey. As long as it’s authentic, and I’m not degrading my community, or doing something that I don’t think would help us, I’m not really concerned with how I’m accepted. I’m doing my job. I would never do anything to compromise myself or my integrity. I’m there to do a job. I’m there to portray a character. I’m an actress, that’s what we do. If people can’t distinguish the fantasy from the reality of who I really am then, it’s on them.”

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