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Brooklyn Sudano Biography

Brooklyn Sudano was born Los Angeles, California, on January 5, 1981, she is an American actress, singer, and dancer. She is best known for playing the role of Vanessa Scott on the ABC sitcom My Wife and Kids.

Brooklyn Sudano

She was named after her father’s hometown of Brooklyn, New York.

Brooklyn Sudano Age

she is 38 years old since she was born on  January 5, 1981, as of 2019.

Brooklyn Sudano Height and Weight

She has an estimated height of 168 cm and weighs 50 kg as of 2019.

Brooklyn Sudano Net Worth

She has made quite a net worth. But these details are not disclosed yet.

Brooklyn Sudano Education

She attended high school at  Christ Presbyterian Academy where she appeared in all the theater productions, upon graduation Sudano was accepted at Brown, Duke and Georgetown University

Brooklyn Sudano photo

Brooklyn Sudano  Family

Her mother was Donna Summer a renowned Black American singer and her dad Bruce Sudano, a famous Italian-American singer of good standing. Her younger sister Amanda Grace Sudano is a singer and songwriter of Johnnyswim, she also has an older half-sister, Mimi Sommer, from her mother’s first marriage to Helmut Sommer.Brooklyn’s mum died of Lung cancer on May 17, 2012, but during her lifetime, she gained wide popularity as a singer, songwriter, and actress with works that earned her five Grammy Awards, 230 million records sold worldwide which earned her the world’s best-selling artists of all time. Donna was notable for albums like Lady of the Night, I’m a Rainbow ,Crayons and many others

Brooklyn Sudano Career

She started as a professional actress in 2003. Previously, she worked in theatres in her high school. While she was studying, she also tried her luck in modeling. Shealso appeared in her mother’s song’s music video. Brooklyn collaborated with Ford Modeling Agency and modeled for brands like Clean & Clear, K-mart. In 2003 she appeared in the show my Wife and Kids.She played the role of Vanessa Scott from 2003 to 2005 in the show.She debuted in a film Rain in 2006. Then in 2010, she acted in two hit movies which are Turn that Beat Up and 5 Star Day. In 2015, she won Billboard Women in Music’s Breakthrough Artist award.

Brooklyn Sudano Husband

Brooklyn Sudano is a married woman . She married her long time boyfriend Mike McGlaflin. The couple dated for a long time before getting into the marriage. The wedding ceremony took place on October 6, 2008. Since then, the lovebirds have been living together with love and happiness. Together, they have a baby daughter. The whole family happily lives in Los Angeles.

Brooklyn Sudano Movies

  • Brooklyn replaced Meagan Good as Vanessa Scott on My Wife and Kids. She is Junior’s girlfriend and later wife, who first appears in the season finale of season 3
  • She also starred in the film adaptation of V. C. Andrews’ novel Rain.
  • She played Mikaela in the MTV TV movie Turn the Beat Around.
  • She appeared in $h#*! My Dad Says in 2011.She played the role of Christy Epping in the Hulu series 11.22.63 and appeared on HBO’s Ballers.
  • She starred in 10 episodes of Taken Season 1.

Brooklyn Sudano Twitter

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Brooklyn Sudano  Interview

 Interviewer:Hey, Brooklyn, thanks for the time.

Brooklyn Sudano: No problem.

Interviewer: Let’s see, where do I want to start? I’ve got a million questions I want to ask you. Wasn’t your maternal grandmother a schoolteacher? Didn’t she teach in Brookline, Massachusetts?

Brooklyn Sudano: She may have. I don’t know whether my grandma was a teacher or not. Her name is Mary Gaines.

Interviewer: I’ll tell you why I’m asking. When I was in college in Boston back in the seventies, I was a live-in servant for a family with three kids who always talked about how Donna Summers’ mother was a teacher at their grammar school.

Brooklyn Sudano: Oh, that side of my family is definitely from that area, but I’m not sure. I don’t think so, but she might have been.

Interviewer: Where did you get your name? I’m guessing that because your father’s from Brooklyn, that that’s where it came from.

Brooklyn Sudano: Yeah, I think that had to be part of it, and also that my dad was in a band called Brooklyn Dreams. I think the combination of the two, plus my parents being the creative types that they are, whether I was a boy or a girl, that was going to be my name.

Interviewer: Have you ever been to Brooklyn?

Brooklyn Sudano: Yes, of course! [Laughs] I used to live in New York. It was always a funny thing when someone would ask me my name and I would say “Brooklyn.” They would always think that I meant that I lived in Brooklyn, and I would have to clarify that.

Interviewer: What was it like having disco diva Donna Summer for a parent?

Brooklyn Sudano: [Laughs] I didn’t see it that way. To me, my parents are my mom and dad, and we were able as kids to do a lot of cool things. Just being part of that family definitely brought out and cultivated the creative arts in us. But to me, they’re just mom and dad. It was normal and what I’ve always known. I don’t know anything different, so I don’t really have anything to compare it to.

Interviewer: Weren’t you parents touring frequently?

Brooklyn Sudano: My parents definitely went on the road a lot, but every opportunity we had to join them we did, especially if they were going to be traveling for long stretches at a time. We would bring a tutor along, like when we went to Japan for five or six weeks during the school year. But if they were just going away for a couple of days, they would always leave us in good hands.

Interviewer: At what age did you develop your passion for performing?

Brooklyn Sudano:I think it was just there. Every person in my family has that desire. But it’s more about the art, and being creative. Whether it’s singing, acting, painting or writing, my entire family engages in those types of activities. They’re forms of self-expression, and it’s what we love to do, so I just grew up in that environment. When I was a kid, I always envisioned myself as performing, as being in that business. It was all that I knew, so it’s kind of like I’m just following in the family tradition.

Interviewer: I know that you were valedictorian of your high school. What school was that?

Brooklyn Sudano: That was Christ Presbyterian Academy in Nashville. I was always kind of a student, a nerd. I didn’t have a lot of dates in high school. I really didn’t. [Laughs]

Interviewer: Were you one of those brainiacs who didn’t have to study?

Brooklyn Sudano: No, I was one of the serious studiers. I’m not somebody who just shows up and gets a hundred on a test. I really put a lot of work into it and was always reading books and studying for tests. I was lucky to have that drive. That’s for sure.

Interviewer: In watching your performance in Rain, I couldn’t help but notice your perfect diction and grammar which I didn’t expect from a character raised in the ‘hood.

Brooklyn Sudano: Rain, as a character, was similar to how I am, in that sense. She studied, she wanted to learn. Education enables you to see more of the world, even if you can’t travel. So, you’re still able to expand your horizons, and go beyond your borders, in a way. And Rain wanted to do that, even though she loved her family. She wanted to see and experience the rest of the world as well. That excited her.

Interviewer: What interested you in this script?

Brooklyn Sudano: The screenplay was by a very well-known book writer, V.C. Andrews. He wrote the script and he’s very eloquent. I think he put that quality in the character of Rain as well, I think maybe he wanted that to be a little bit more her vibe.

Interviewer: You mean “she,” don’t you? The “V” in “V.C. Andrews” stands for Virginia.

Brooklyn Sudano: Well, actually Andrew Neiderman writes under V.C. Andrews’ name.

Interviewer: Oh, you’re saying that Andrew Neiderman ghostwrites as V.C. Andrews?

Brooklyn Sudano: I’m not sure if I’m supposed to say that, but he’s a very accomplished author on his own. He wrote The Devil’s Advocate, but I don’t know how he portrays himself in the media, and I don’t want to get in trouble for that.

Interviewer: Okay, mum’s the word. How much pressure did you feel playing the title character in your first feature film?

Brooklyn Sudano: It was a very big undertaking, but I was very blessed to have so many accomplished people surrounding me. One of the reasons I took the role was because I would be the lead, but I was also interested because of the caliber of professionals I would be working with: Faye Dunaway, Khandi Alexander, Giancarlo Esposito, Robert Loggia… And then all the behind-the-scenes people, including Craig DiBona, the director, who’s been a part of so many amazing films and worked with so many greats.

Interviewer: Did you identify with your character, Rain, at all?

Brooklyn Sudano: Yes, I think you find pieces of yourself in every character you portray. I feel I was a lot like her . . . sometimes misunderstood, sometimes people think of you one way and their expectations are not who you really are. So, there were a lot of areas where I could connect with her such as being a young woman in a new situation . . . a fish out of water. . . . You pick pieces of those things you’ve experienced in life to make it real to yourself.

Interviewer: Well, like Rain, you do have one black parent and one white parent, but you weren’t abandoned by them.

Brooklyn Sudano: No, I’m very well loved. That aspect of it was different for me.

Interviewer: And you didn’t grow up in the ghetto, either?

Brooklyn Sudano: No, those things I had to create, but the true essence of who she was, I can relate to.

Interviewer: Growing up in Tennessee, I suppose you must have encountered your share of racism?

BS: I lived in California until I was about 10, and then we moved to Connecticut. I didn’t move to the South till I was 14 years-old. By then, I had already traveled, and seen much of the world. I had friends of many different nationalities. So, when I moved to Nashville, it was a bit of a culture shock for me.

Interviewer: How so?

Brooklyn Sudano: It was never really overt racism. It was more the subtlety of the mentality. Of course, my parents tried to protect me from it, but people are people, and I think a lot of those attitudes are deep-rooted, and it’s not like people even understand some of the things that they’re saying. You know what I mean?

Interviewer: Yep.

Brooklyn Sudano: There’s often a subtlety to it. It’s not always overt. If you’re in the minority, you often have to deal with bigotry. It doesn’t matter whether you’re black or white, practice a different religion, come from a different culture, or have a disability. If you’re different from most of the people you’re surrounded by, some people might not be as tolerant as they should be.

Interviewer: Do you have a favorite city you enjoy living in?

Brooklyn Sudano: No, from traveling so much, I’ve really learned to enjoy wherever I’m at, though Los Angeles is great. The weather is great. You can go to the beach. I love that about L.A. New York I love because I can go to plays. Don’t get me wrong, Nashville is a great place, too. Much of my family and many friends are there, and I have warm feelings for it as well. So, there are different things about each city that are special to me. I try to hold on to the things that I like about a place, and enjoy my time while I’m there.

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