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Cherie Currie Biography

Cherie Currie is an American musician, actress, and artist. Currie was the lead vocalist of the Runaways, a rock band from Los Angeles, in the mid-to-late 1970s. After the Runaways, she became a solo artist. Then she teamed up with her identical twin sister, Marie Currie, and released an album with her.

Cherie Currie

Cherie Currie Age

She was born November 30, 1959, Encino, California, USA.

Cherie Currie Parents

She was born to Don Currie and actress Marie Harmon.

Cherie Currie Siblings

She was raised in Encino with three siblings. Her brother is Don Currie Jr. She has an elder sister, actress Sondra Currie, and an identical twin sister, Marie Currie.

Cherie Currie Husband

She got married to Robert Hays from 1990-1997, who is an American actor, best known for his roles in the film as pilot Ted Striker in Airplane! and its sequel, and for his role as Robert Seaver in Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey.

Cherie Currie Career

She was the teenage lead vocalist for the all-female rock band the Runaways with bandmates Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Sandy West, Jackie Fox, and Vicki Blue. Bomp! magazine described her as “the lost daughter of Iggy Pop and Brigitte Bardot”.

She joined the Runaways in 1975, at age 15. The teen rock anthem “Cherry Bomb” was written for her at the audition. Assessments of her impact differ; one reviewer has written in 2010 that “the received wisdom that carved out new territory for female musicians is hard to justify – it’s doubtful that the predominantly male audience who flocked to see the 16-year-old  in her undies picked up any feminist subtext.

After three albums with the Runaways, she went on to be a solo artist. She signed a contract with Mercury saying she would record four records, but she left the Runaways after the third album, thus she was obligated to record another album. She recorded it solo and the result was Beauty’s Only Skin Deep for Polygram Records. Marie Currie did a duet with Cherie on her solo record “Love at First Sight”.

She and her twin sister Marie went on a US tour in 1977, and when Marie would join Cherie on stage to sing the encores the audience would go wild. Then they went on a Japan tour in 1978. While in Japan, the twins performed on many TV shows.

So Cherie ran with the idea of two blonds are better than one, and changed the band name from Cherie Currie to Cherie and Marie Currie. With Marie Currie, she recorded Messin’ with the Boys for Capitol Records and Young and Wild for Raven. Messin’ with the Boys was released in 1980.

Messin’ with the Boys received more radio play than Beauty’s Only Skin Deep and, the song “Since You Been Gone” off Messin’ with the Boys charted number 95 on US charts. Both the single “This Time” and the album Messin’ with the Boys made the top 200 on U.S. charts.

Cherie and Marie performed on television shows in the 1980s including Sha Na Na, The Mike Douglas Show, The Merv Griffin Show among others. Along with the album recordings with Marie, Cherie and Marie sang, wrote, and produced songs for The Rosebud Beach Hotel and its soundtrack called The Rosebud Beach Hotel Soundtrack. In the film, they acted and sang together.

In 1991, Cherie and Marie Currie performed at the Coconut Teaser which was a tribute concert to Paula Pierce, she was a member of The Pandoras. For the final performance, The remaining Pandoras backed the Currie sisters. Currie performed at The Runaways reunion in 1994 with other Runaways Fox and West. Her sister Marie joined the three Runaways on stage and performed with the band.

In 1998, Cherie and Marie held a concert at the Golden Apple, in support of their re-released version of Messin’ with the Boys. Cherie’s ex-bandmate West joined Cherie on stage to perform some of the Runaways songs. The Curries and West signed autographs after the show.

Young and Wild were released in 1998. It was Cherie and Marie’s first compilation album. It contains tracks from Beauty’s Only Skin Deep, Messin with the Boys, Flaming School Girls (The Runaways compilation album), and one new track co-written by Marie. In 1999 Rocket City Records released Currie’s studio album The 80’s Collection. The album contains guest work by Marie Currie.

Cherie starred in the film Foxes in 1980 with Jodie Foster. She received strong reviews for her acting debut, and because of this film, she received many roles in other films.

 Along with starring in Foxes, her best known film, she starred in Parasite, Wavelength, Twilight Zone: The Movie, The Rosebud Beach Hotel (with Marie Currie), Rich Girl, and others, as well as numerous guest spots on television series (Matlock and Murder, She Wrote, among others).

In 1984 Currie was cast as Brenda in Savage Streets, but was replaced by Linda Blair. In the same year, Currie was cast as the lead singer of the fictional band the Dose in the film This is Spinal Tap, but her character was cut out of the film. Cherie was considered for a part in the 1985 film Explorers but, according to her autobiography, she was in the throes of drug dependency and couldn’t even make it to a meeting.

Cherie Currie Net Worth

She has a net worth of $14 million.

Cherie Currie Songs




1977 “Call Me at Midnight” Beauty’s Only Skin Deep
1978 “Beauty’s Only Skin Deep” Beauty’s Only Skin Deep
“Love at First Sight” Beauty’s Only Skin Deep
“Science Fiction Daze” Beauty’s Only Skin Deep
1979 “Since You Been Gone” Messin’ with the Boys
1979 “Messin’ with the Boys” Messin’ with the Boys
1980 “This Time” Messin’ with the Boys
1980 “Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)” Messin’ with the Boys
1989 “Instant Karma!” Mono! Stereo: Sgt. Shonen’s Exploding Plastic Eastman Band Request
1998 “Cherry Bomb” Maximum Overdrive
2013 “Life’s a Gas” Beautiful Disaster
2013 “Some Velvet Morning” Single Only
2013 “Rock This Christmas Down” Single only
2015 “Believe” Reverie

Cherie Currie Cherry Bomb Lyrics

Can’t stay at home, can’t stay at school.
Old folks say ‘You poor little fool’.
Down the streets, I’m the girl next door.
I’m the fox you’ve been waiting for.
Hello, daddy. Hello, mom.
I’m your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!
Hello, world! I’m your wild girl.
I’m your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!
Stone age love and strange sounds too.
Come on, baby, let me get to you.
Bad nights causing teenage blues.
Get down ladies, you’ve got nothin’ to lose.
Hello, daddy. Hello, mom.
I’m your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!
Hello, world! I’m your wild girl.
I’m your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!
Hello, daddy. Hello, mom.
I’m your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!
Hello, world! I’m your wild girl.
I’m your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!
Hey, the street boy, want some style?
Your dead end dreams don’t make you smile.
I’ll give you something to live for.
Have you and grab you until you’re sore.
Hello, daddy. Hello, mom.
I’m your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!
Hello, world! I’m your wild girl.
I’m your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!
Cherry bomb!
Cherry bomb!
Cherry bomb!
Cherry bomb!

Cherie Currie Movies




1974-1975 American Bandstand Background Dancer, Herself
1980 Foxes Annie
1982 Parasite Dana
1983 Twilight Zone: The Movie Sara
Wavelength Iris Longacre
1984 Murder, She Wrote Echo Cramer
The Rosebud Beach Hotel Singing Maid Cherie
1990 Matlock Renee Thorton
1991 Betsy Rhodes
Rich Girl Michelle
1992 Dr. Giggles ADR voice
2004 Getting the Knack Herself
2005 Edgeplay: A Film About the Runaways Herself
2013 Hansel and Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft Ms. Thoman
Warehouse 13 Herself
2014 Keeping up with the Kardashians Herself
Glory Days Herself
2017 Under the Influence – Glam Rock Herself
2018 Bad Reputation Herself

Cherie Currie Foxes

Foxes is a 1980 American coming of age drama film directed by Adrian Lyne from a screenplay written by Gerald Ayres. The film stars Jodie Foster, Scott Baio, Sally Kellerman, Randy Quaid, and Cherie Currie. It revolves around a group of teenage girls coming of age in suburban Los Angeles toward the end of the disco era.

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