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Chris Weitz Wiki

Chris Weitz ( Christopher John Weitz) is an American film director, screenwriter, and producer.

Chris Weitz

Chris Weitz Biography

Weitz was 14 years old, he went to the boarding school at St Paul’s School in London, which his father had attended. He graduated with a degree in English from Trinity College, Cambridge.

Weitz’ early career involved many collaborations with his brother. Some of the work they have done as a screenwriter has been both credited and uncredited.

Weitz began his film career as a co-writer on the animated film Antz in 1998. He followed this with work on various sitcoms such as Off Center and the 1998 revival of the 1977 TV series Fantasy Island. In 1999, he and Paul directed and produced American Pie, which was written by Adam Herz, and became a major box office success. Weitz returned as executive produced on the film’s two theatrical sequels. In 2001, along with his brother, he co-directed his second film, the Chris Rock comedy Down to Earth.

In 2002, the Weitz brother co-writer and co-directed About a Boy, the Hugh Grant film based on the book by Nick Hornby. The film was originally set up at New Line Cinema with Robert De Niro producing, and the main character as an American. The brothers felt that it was important that the character is British. Inspiration came from an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Weitz has produced a number of films including In Good Company and American Dreamz, both of which were directed by his brother, Paul.

In 2003, Weitz was hired to direct New Line Cinema’s adaptation of the first book in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series, The Golden Compass, after approaching the studio with an unsolicited 40-page treatment. He was subsequently invited by director Peter Jackson to visit the set of King Kong, in order to gain insight into directing a big-budget film and advice on how to deal with New Line. In 2005, Weitz announced his departure from the film, citing the enormous technical challenges involved, and the fear of being denounced by both the book’s fans and detractors; he was subsequently replaced by British director Anand Tucker. Tucker left the project in 2006 over creative differences with New Line, and Weitz returned to the director’s chair after receiving a letter from Pullman asking him to reconsider.

During post-production, New Line had Weitz’s editor replaced, and the studio made the final cut with severe differences from Weitz’s vision, trimming the originally unhappy ending and watering down the religious theme.

Weitz declared that

It was a terrible experience because I was able to shoot what I wanted to — and then the cut of the movie was taken away from me and any reference to religion or religious ideas was removed. And the darkness and threat at the end of the story — anything that made it not a happy, popcorn-type movie — was removed. The voice of the key character was redone, all of this against my will. And the fact of the matter is the people that the studio was afraid were going to raise up arms against the movie did it the anyway
The film was released in 2007 and was met with mixed reviews. Its U.S. grosses have been described as disappointing

in relation to film’s $180 million USD budget, although it was a “stellar performer” outside the U.S. with a “stunning” box office likely to hit $250 million.

As Author, Weitz wrote a young adult novel trilogy series that began with the Young World, in 2014, and The New Order, in 2015. Weitz said that he used the concept of natural intelligence theories called Society of Mind created by Marvin Minsky to creat the stories that were loosely autobiographical about growing up in New York City.

He is best known for his work with his brother Paul Weitz on the comedy films American Pie and About a Boy; the latter earned the brothers a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Chris Weitz Age

Weitz  was born on November 30, 1969, in New York City, New York U.S.

Chris Weitz  Family

Weitz was born to actress Susan Kohner and Berlin-born novelist/menswear designer John Weitz. Weitz is the grandson of Czech-born agent and producer Paul Kohner and actress Lupita Tovar on his maternal side.

Chris Weitz  Marriage

Weitz is married to Mercedes  Martinez, who is Cuban Mexican, and with whom he has one son, Sebastian Weitz and a daughter, Athena Weitz. Weitz said he met Martinez at the Burning Man festival.

Chris Weitz  Children

The couple has two children, a son Sebastian Weitz and daughter Athena Weitz.

Chris Weitz  Height

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Chris Weitz  Salary

Chris’ salary is estimated to be between $10k to $50k per year.

Chris Weitz  Net Worth

Weitz has an estimated net worth 3.5 million Dollar.

Chris Weitz  Movies | TV Show

Television Show

  • 1998–1999: Fantasy Island – co-executive producer, 13 episodes; story, 2 episodes; teleplay, 1 episode
  • 2000–2001: Off Centre – executive producer, 28 episodes; creator, 19 episodes
  • 2004–2006: Cracking Up – executive producer, 9 episodes; consultant, 11 episodes; writer, 1 episode (pilot)
  • 2010: Lone Star – consulting producer, 2 episodes
  • 2014–2015: About a Boy – based on the screenplay by, 27 episodes

Chris Weitz  Facebook

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