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David Hogg Biography

David Hogg born as David Miles Hogg is an American author and student who survived the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting onFebruary 14, 2018. He became a gun control advocate and an activist against gun violence in the United States just like Emma Gonzalez.

David Hogg

He is one of 20 founding members of Never Again MSD, a gun control advocacy group led by Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (MSD) students.

David Hogg Age

Miles was born on April 12, 2000, in Parkland, Florida, U.S.

David Hogg Parents

He is the son of the former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent, Kevin Hogg and Rebecca Boldrick, a teacher for Broward County Public Schools in Broward County, Florida. He attended Stoneman Douglas due to the television production classes it offered and he graduated on June 3, 2018. He is a Teenlink reporter for the Sun Sentinel. His sister’s name is Laureen Hogg.

He has been so far accepted to several universities including the University of California, Irvine but he decided to take a year off before starting college as he had to work on the 2018 midterm elections.

He later announced on December 2018 that he had been accepted by Harvard University and had planned to start his courses in the fall of 2019.

Stoneman Douglas High School shooting

In his senior year at Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, Florida, a 19-year-old former student of the school entered Building 12 and started shooting with a semi-automatic rifle after pulling the fire alarm. This was on February 14, 2018. Hogg credits the janitor for saving them since he was unintentionally heading towards the shooter with a group of students.

A culinary arts teacher pulled him and others inside a classroom and they hid in a closet. He also checked social media and discovered that the shooting was occurring at his high school in real time. His sister who is a freshman at the school corresponded with her brother via text message while the shooting was taking place.

David Hogg Girlfriend

He has been romantically associated with Cameron Kasky but it is not confirmed whether the two are a thing or not.

David Hogg Activism

After the shooting incident at his school, he emerged as a leader in the 2018 United States gun violence protests. He turned to the media to talk about his roles together with his team about their role as survivors in the shooting and voice his opinion and voice on gun control and gun violence. He joined the social media movement and student-led gun control advocacy group Never Again MSD shortly after its formation.

He called on elected officials to pass gun control measures and has been a vocal critic of officials who take donations from the NRA, and he has been urging them to compromise on legislation to save lives. Along with fellow activist Emma González, he blamed the National Rifle Association and the politicians to which they donate as being complicit in school shootings. He was named as a ‘bald-faced liar’ by Republican candidate Leslie Gibson. ‘Horrified and embarrassed ‘, he decided to run as a Democrat to challenge Gibson for the position.

David Hogg Gun Control

He stated that he is a supporter of the Second Amendment and supports NRA members right to own guns legally. He said that he was for reasonable gun control such as regulations that prohibit those who suffer from mental illnesses from acquiring guns.

David Hogg Boycotts

He called for students to boycott spring break in Florida and travel to Puerto Rico instead if gun control legislation was not passed by the Florida State Government. He is taking a year gap to campaign for politicians in favor of gun reform in the midterm elections. He also initiated a boycott of companies; those who advertise during The Ingraham Angle, after he was attacked by TV host Laura Ingraham in a tweet about his lack of college acceptances.

He was threatened by a Sinclair Broadcast Group TV host Jamie Allman who wrote a tweet threatening to insert a hot poker in his anus. Hogg initiated a boycott of advertisers on The Allman report that led to the resignation of Allman and his show canceled.

David Hogg Harassment

According to his mother, he received death threats from various conspiracy theorists. The conspiracy theories about him and other Parkland activists were named PolitiFact’s 2018 Lie of the Year.

David Hogg Net Worth

Less information is known about his net worth.

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