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David Lee Roth Biography

David Lee Roth is an American rock vocalist, songwriter, actor, author, and former radio personality. Roth is well known as the original and current lead singer of hard rock band Van Halen. He is also known as a successful solo artist, releasing numerous RIAA-certified Gold and Platinum albums.

David Lee Roth

David Lee Roth Age

David was born on 10 October 1955, Bloomington, Indiana, United States.

David Lee Roth Height

He stands at a height of 1.83m.

David Lee Roth Wife

He is not in any relationship and he is not married.

David Lee Roth Children

Dave doesn’t have any known children.

David Lee Roth Young

Roth is the son of art teacher Sibyl Roth and ophthalmologist Nathan Roth, a celebrated eye surgeon with a lucrative medical practice and a portfolio of astute real-estate investments. The senior Roth was featured on the TV show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous in 1984, on which he claimed that he was Van Halen’s first manager helping the group obtain gigs in the early days. Nathan owned a 14,000-square-foot home in Pasadena, California named “Rothwood” as well as a chateau named “Bradbury.”

His uncle, Manny Roth, built and owned the New York establishment Cafe Wha? in the early 1960s, which featured performers such as Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix. At age seven, Roth got his first taste of show business from the inside by hanging out at Cafe Wha?, as mentioned in his book Crazy from the Heat. His uncle was one of Roth’s first guests on his short-lived radio show on New York’s 92.3 Free-FM.

After living in Bloomington and Swampscott, Massachusetts, Roth moved to Pasadena in his teens. He “bounced around” a number of schools and saw a psychiatrist for three years, eventually attending a ranch for troubled teens where he cared for a horse to build a sense of responsibility.[8] He attended The Webb Schools in Claremont, California, and John Muir High School in Pasadena, then Pasadena City College although he did not graduate where he met the Van Halen brothers, Eddie and Alex. During this period Roth worked as a hospital orderly

David Lee Roth Tattoos

“Roth says he created INK the original partially out of a desire to protect his tattoos from fading and sun damage. An avid outdoorsman, Roth also wanted to create an environmentally friendly product.”

David Lee Roth Joe Rogan

Roth was the featured guest on Feb 28, 2019 episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

David Lee Roth Songs

2003 Ice Cream Man
1991 A Lil’ Ain’t Enough
1991 Right Now
1988 Just a Gigolo / I Ain’t Got Nobody
1988 When It’s Love
1988 Damn Good
1988 Just Like Paradise
1988 California Girls
1988 When It’s Love
1988 Stand Up
1988 Tobacco Road
1986 Goin’ Crazy
1986 That’s Life
1986 Yankee Rose
1986 Why Can’t This Be Love
1986 Ladies’ Nite in Buffalo?
1986 Dreams
1984 Panama
1984 Hot for Teacher
1984 Jump
1984 I’ll Wait
1982 Little Guitars
1981 Unchained
1981 Mean Street
1980 And the Cradle Will Rock…
1980 Everybody Wants Some!!
1979 Dance the Night Away
1979 Somebody Get Me a Doctor
1978 Eruption
1978 Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
1978 Runnin’ with the Devil
1978 Jamie’s Cryin’
1978 Atomic Punk

David Lee Roth California Girls

California Girls was covered by David on his 1985 EP Crazy from the Heat (with background vocals by Beach Boy

David Lee Roth Company

Roth has launched a skincare range titled Ink The Original which protects and brightens tattoos and helps keep them from fading.

David Lee Roth Band| Van Halen

He was a vocalist in the Van Halen Band. From 1974 until 1985, the band consisted of guitarist Eddie Van Halen, vocalist David Lee Roth, drummer Alex Van Halen, and bassist Michael Anthony.  Van Halen is a Grammy Award-winning American hard rock band formed in Pasadena, California in 1972. Credited with “restoring hard rock to the forefront of the music scene”, Van Halen is known for its energetic live shows and for the work of its acclaimed lead guitarist, Eddie Van Halen.

David Lee Roth Jump

Artist: Van Halen
Album: 1984
Released: 1984
Genre: Rock
Nominations: MTV Video Music Award for Best Group, MTV Video Music Award for Best Overall Performance

David Lee Roth Yankee Rose

Artist: David Lee Roth
Album: Eat ‘Em and Smile
Released: 1986
Genres: Metal, Rock

David Lee Roth Skyscraper

Skyscraper is the second full-length studio album by David Lee Roth, the original and current lead vocalist of Van Halen. It was released on January 26, 1988, on Warner Bros. Records.

David Lee Roth Return to Van Halen: 2007–present

January 24, 2007, after much anticipation, Billboard reported that Roth would rejoin Van Halen for a 40-date arena and amphitheater tour in mid-2007. This report, among many others, was confirmed with an official press release posted on the official Van Halen website on February 2, 2007.

February 2, 2007, The Official Van Halen Web Site released information that Roth had rejoined the band along with current members Alex, Eddie, and Valerie Bertinelli’s teenage son, Wolfgang Van Halen. On March 8 the official Van Halen website posted a letter from Eddie Van Halen stating that Ed did not feel he could perform his absolute best, and the tour with Roth would be postponed.

In March 2007 five members of Van Halen, the four original members and Sammy Hagar were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Van Halen brothers did not attend due to Eddie’s condition. Roth was to perform with the band Velvet Revolver; however, conflict with the band caused his part to be canceled. Roth subsequently did not attend the induction, leaving only Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar to represent Van Halen. Both Anthony and Hagar thanked Roth publicly for his contribution to the band during the awards acceptance. Roth did not attend the ceremony and the event was considered yet another public embarrassment for the band.

The conflict was rumored to be based on song selection. Roth wanted to perform “Jump,” the band’s highest-charting song, but Velvet Revolver would only agree to play “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love” or “You Really Got Me.” When it was finally agreed upon that Paul Shaffer would perform “Jump,” Roth claimed there was no longer enough time to rehearse and opted not to attend the ceremony.

On G4’s animated comedy show titled Code Monkeys, Roth was depicted in the 1980s, giving an inspirational speech to keep the others from taking up jobs at Bellecovision and asked, “Would David Lee Roth leave Van Halen?”

On August 13, 2007, six months after the initial reunion tour was postponed, it was finally confirmed by Van Halen with Roth at a press conference in Los Angeles that they would start the tour again in September 2007. At that conference, Eddie Van Halen stated that he and Roth were “like brothers” now. Calling Van Halen a “real band,” both Van Halen and Roth spoke of the possibility of further worldwide touring and a new album in mind for the future.

On June 5, 2008, Van Halen announced that the 2007–2008 tour with Roth grossed more than $93 million, a record for the rock band. Van Halen played to nearly one million people during 74 arena shows throughout the United States and Canada, beginning September 27, 2007, in Charlotte, N.C. and wrapping June 3, 2008, in Quebec City, QC for the 400th anniversary of the city.

In December 2011, Van Halen announced a 2012 tour with Roth. The new Roth-fronted Van Halen album A Different Kind of Truth was released on February 7, 2012, and a tour commenced that month.

In March 2015, a new live album was released, Tokyo Dome Live in Concert, recorded in June 2013 during the A Different Kind of Truth Tour. That same month, the band made its first foray into American television by appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, announcing a new tour in the process

David Lee Roth Show

On October 14, 2012, Roth began to broadcast a video webcast on his YouTube channel, and soon also on iTunes, called The Roth Show. In the show Roth speaks about a wide variety of topics including making music videos with Van Halen, tattoos and sarcasm. On November 1, a music video was posted dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Roth has been a resident of Tokyo since May 2012 but maintains homes in New York City and Pasadena, California. On January 2, 2015, Roth posted a Happy New Year video featuring the full version of his cover of the song “Mustang Sally”.

In 2018, Roth, together with business partner and tattoo artist Ami James, created INK the Original, a full line of skincare products that protect tattooed skin. Roth spent over 300 hours getting tattooed in Japan between 2013 and 2014, and saw the body art market exploding.

David Lee Roth Net Worth

David has an estimated net worth of $60 million.

David Lee Roth Website

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