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David Marciano Biography

David Marciano is an American actor. He is best known for playing his roles as Detective Raymond Vecchio in the television series Due South and Detective Steve Billings in the FX police drama The Shield. He currently portrays as Virgil, a surveillance expert, in the Showtime television series Homeland.

David Marciano

David Marciano Age

Marciano was born on the 7th of January 1960. He is 59 years old as of 2019.

David Marciano Family

David Marciano was born and grew up in north Newark. Newark was littered with violent crime and Marciano was witness to a town in crisis. He has admitted to having a troubled youth. “I was hanging around on street corners, drinking, gambling, enjoying cards, getting to the racecourse, shooting pool, all those quite things.” At the age of seventeen, Marciano was involved in a very automotive crash when an evening out partying and was lucky to survive.

David Marciano Education

This prompted him to kind his life out and he registered at Northeastern University in the capital of Massachusetts, Massachusetts, to review medical specialty engineering. After a dissatisfactory begin, Marciano transferred to social science and accounting for his second year before dropping by the wayside to pursue acting.

David Marciano Wife

Speaking of his love life, Marciano got married to Katayoun Amini (acted Vecchio’s ex-wife Angie in Due South)

David Marciano Children

The couple has three, children, i.e two daughters, Mina Chiara Marciano, and Ariana Grace Marciano and one son, Marcello Marciano.

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David Marciano Career

In 1985, Marciano rapt to Calif. wherever he studied performing at the Drama Studio London in Berkeley, earning a living by operating as a mixologist. His huge break came 2 years later as a guest star in Wiseguy, playing a mobster impersonating Lorenzo Steelgrave. In 1989 he competes the diner owner Stanley in Pepsi’s ‘Diner’ business shown within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

More tiny components followed, including Cop #1 in the film Lethal Weapon 2, before he played the role of bicycle messenger/poet Jeffrey Lassick in legal drama Civil Wars from 1991–1993. He was then solid as Detective Ray Vecchio in the south in 1994.

He played the part for two seasons before his character was written out, replaced by Detective Stanley Kowalski (Callum Keith Rennie), due to filming commitments. He returned for the series finale in 1999 where Vecchio and Kowalski’s ex-wife got together. He then appeared in the 1996 season 3 episode of Touched By An Angel entitled “Into The Light” playing a dying man in need of a heart transplant. Later he took the role of Giorgio Clericuzio within the 1997 mini-series of Mario Puzo’s The Last Don.

He has appeared in episodes of varied TV shows, including Diagnosis: Murder, Midnight Caller, Judging Amy, Nash Bridges, JAG, The Division, NYPD Blue, NCIS, CSI: New York and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and SeaQuest DSV. Between 2005–2008, he played Detective Steve Billings in The Shield. Since then, he has appeared in episodes of Joan of geographical area, House, Lie to Me, Sons of Anarchy, and Battle Creek. Between 2011-2013, he played the recurring role of Virgil in Homeland.

In 2015-2016, Marciano competes revenant roles within the Amazon original series Hieronymus Bosch and Syfy’s twelve Monkeys last, he has been solid in an exceedingly pilot for USA Network’s Shooter.

David Marciano Filmography







Mr. Tanas


Lethal Weapon 2

Cop #1

Harlem Nights



Dark Spiral



Around the Bend



Chicken Man


Dark Mind



Caught in the Middle

D.A. Henry Giles



David Jackson


Red State

Agent Eccles

Few Options, All Bad



3, 2, 1… Frankie Go Boom



Lost Angels

Harold (Director)

Tiny Detectives

Chief of Police

Happy Anniversary Honey



Thick Skin Required



Take the Reins

Mr. Brown






The Bold and the Beautiful

Punk #1


Lorenzo Steelgrave



Geneva’s Ex

Sonny Spoon

Insane Wayne Bataglia

China Beach

Dee Jay

Vietnam War Story


CBS Summer Playhouse

Sal Bernadini

Street of Dreams


Police Story: Gladiator School

Monte Fontaine


Hugo Stone


Kiss Shot

Rick Powell


Midnight Caller

Jerry Bones

Maverick Square

No Luck Sal


The 100 Lives of Black Jack Savage



Civil Wars

Jeffrey Lassick


Reasonable Doubts

Billy Gordon




SeaQuest 2032

Mack Stumpp


Due South

Ray Vecchio


Eyes of Terror

Kenneth Burch


Touched by an Angel

James Block


The Last Don

Giorgio Clericuzio


The Last Don II

Giorgio Clericuzio


Diagnosis: Murder

Eddie Michaels




Judging Amy

Len Mildmay


Nash Bridges

Jimmy Bangs


The Lot





Senior Chief Sinclair

The Mind of the Married Man

Dr. Paul Gianni


The Division


Det. Raymond Gerson


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Frank Samuels

CSI: New York

Karl Drewdetski





Terry Laguna

Joan of Arcadia

Edmond Dodds


The Shield

Steve Billings





Lie to Me

Jason Wilkie

Sons of Anarchy

Chicken Man


Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior

Det. Brigman

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Detective Larson





Blue-Eyed Butcher



Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Rick Purcell



Gordon Greyson


Bill Garrett


Battle Creek

Donny Patton



Brad Conniff

12 Monkeys

Detective Damato



Howard Utey / John Renlow

David Marciano Awards






1995 Gemini Award Best Performance by an Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role Due South


1996 Gemini Award Best Performance by an Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role Due South


2013 Screen Actors Guild Award Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series Homeland

(with Morena Baccarin, Timothée Chalamet, Claire Danes, Rupert Friend, David Harewood, Diego Klattenhoff, Damian Lewis, Navid Negahban, Jackson Pace, Mandy Patinkin, Zuleikha Robinson, Morgan Saylor, Jamey Sheridan, Hrach Titizian)

David Marciano Net Worth

David Marciano has an estmated net worth of $ 500000. He earns his net worth through is professional career.

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David Marciano Interview

‘Homeland’s David Marciano On Virgil’s Backstory, His Roles On ‘The Shield’ And ‘Due South,’ And Penn State

Homeland is by far the best new television show of the fall, and to my mind, one of the best characters in it is Virgil, the surveillance expert who acts as CIA agent Carrie’s exasperated colleague and big brother figure as they spy on suspected terrorist and former prisoner of war Nicholas Brody. I spoke with David Marciano, who told me about Virgil’s backstory, his motivations for acting, and what Virgil has in common with the cops he played on Due South and The Shield. This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

Tell me more about Virgil’s relationship with Carrie. He appears to be very loyal to her, even when he’s chewing her out for crossing a line.

We discussed, prior to shooting the pilot, we had some rehearsal sessions, and there was a meeting with [writer] Michael Cuesta, [showrunner] Alex Gansa, and Carrie [Claire Danes] and we went over a lot of issues. We decided that Virgil went to the New Jersey Institute of Technology and studied engineering, and when he graduated, he wanted to work for the CIA and he applied for a job, and Saul was the guy I interviewed with, and he turned me down. And he hired somebody from MIT. So I just kind of was on my own, doing my own sort of freelance audio-visual surveillance, I met Carrie, and we became friends, and I sort of became, over time, like her big brother. My guess is, because I studied a little bit of behavioral psychology, Virgil was an outsider as a kid. And he grew up in a neighborhood in New Jersey where it was brawn over brains, and Virgil was a little bit of a tech nerd. And he was a brainiac and he had a sharp tongue, and you take a few beatings. You take a few shots to the ego and shots to your manhood, so to speak. And therefore, when you get older, you want to take care of people who are being abused or being ostracized. So it makes sense that Virgil would look after [Carrie], because she is an outsider, she is an outsider in this community. Also, everyone had someone to answer to. Saul has to answer to someone. Estes has to answer to someone. Virgil has her back. Virgil’s going to look after her and take care of her. He doesn’t want what happened to him to happen to her…

As an actor, I have to justify how I’m behaving in the present. Everything we do as human beings in the present is the result of things that have happened to us in the past. People who become nurses are usually people who had to take care of their father or their mother. Archetypically, if you’re a caregiver, you’re a caregiver from a very young age. We choose these professions subconsciously.

Is that true for you, in terms of deciding you wanted to act?

In terms of my choosing acting, I needed to be recognized. As a child, I wasn’t recognized by my parents. My parents were divorced by the time I was 3. My father was around, I could never get his approval. My mother, she was a single mom. I was also an only child. So I had to make a lot of noise in order to be recognized. And as an actor, we choose acting because it’s an opportunity for you to hear me and to be recognized…when I first came to town, I would interview with agents, and I would say “I didn’t come here to go swimming, I didn’t come here to go fishing, I didn’t come here to get laid. I came here to win an Academy Award, an Emmy, and a Cleo. So let’s get to work.”Do you feel like you’ve gotten the recognition from your parents that you were looking for?

The last time I went looking for my father’s approval, I was 31 years old, and I’d had a modicum of success. I was on a TV show called Civil Wars, which was created by Steven Bochco. I was a bicycle messenger. And my father came out [to visit] and my father taught me how to garden, and I wanted to show him my garden. And I took him to the back, and I presented my garden to him, and he looks to the left, he looks to the right, he looks up to the sun, and says, “What did you plant the peppers on that side for?” That was the last time I went looking for his approval. It had nothing to do with career…My father did the best that he could with the tools that he had. He just wanted me to be able to provide for myself. My father wasn’t being critical in his mind. He was trying to be helpful, but he didn’t know how to verbalize that in a manner that wouldn’t be offensive. He didn’t know how to say “This is beautiful, this is amazing. You should rotate your stuff. Maybe next year, move stuff around.”

Do you think that dynamic comes across in Virgil’s relationship with Carrie?

He is the voice of reason for her. He’s very compassionate and understanding. I believe in her. And I trust her. I love her unconditionally. There’s no reason for me to put a condition on her because she’s no threat to me. Her behavior is a threat to Estes, her behavior is a threat to Saul.

I also appreciate that Virgil’s one of the only male characters on the show Carrie hasn’t put the moves on yet. What does that say about their friendship? Could we use more relationships between male and female characters that are just strictly friendly or professional?

Virgil is married. And that hasn’t been tested. It’s never been tested. And I think that’s true. That there isn’t that dynamic going on there. And now on a larger scale, I am the Virgil to her Dante. Virgil, in Dante’s Inferno, is the character that helps Dante navigate his way through the labyrinth of hell. I’m the Virgil to her Dante. Any time she gets herself into situations that are hellish or hell-like, I’m there.

Do you guide her through or get her caught? I worry about Virgil and Max knowing about Carrie’s medication.

We’ll just have to see.

On Due SouthThe Shield, and now Homeland, you’ve played characters who aren’t averse to bending the rules and taking aggressive action to crack down on people who violate the law or are threats to the United States. I’d be curious as to what the persistence of those themes mean about our fears of crime and terrorism. Do we not trust the people who are supposed to protect us? Do we really think our laws are too restrictive?

It’s very interesting. I’ve been very, very fortunate. My first series was Civil Wars, and my second series was Due South, created by Academy Award winner Paul Haggis. The difficulty, I’ll talk about each one individually and try to make a summation. The interesting thing about Ray Vecchio [his character on Due South, about a Canadian Mountie paired with an American cop] is I didn’t like him at first. I had a very hard time playing the foil…The Mountie’s the hero, he’s the hero archetype. In order for him to be the hero, he has to solve the case, he has to get the girl. Which means the foil cannot solve the case, the foil cannot get the girl. So I was getting very frustrated with the role because it wasn’t very satisfying. And I called my very first acting teacher, Ingrid Sonnichsen, she teaches at Carnegie Mellon now, and I said, “I got a dilemma.” And I said, “I don’t like playing the character I’m playing.” She said, “That’s a problem.” And I said, “I know. This could run for five years.” She said, “You need to find the one thing, the one thing about him that you like.” And she said, “What’s the best quality that he has?” And I said, “He’s a true friend. He will take a bullet for the Mountie. he will give his undying allegiance to helping this outsider.” Again. An outsider. Help find the murderer of his dad, and just be his friend in a land where no one else will be his friend. That’s the parallel between Vecchio and Virgil. They both serve that same function.

Now, [Detective Steve] Billings, Billings, on the other hand, does not fall into either one of those characters. Billings was very self-serving, but every character was on The Shield. Self-preservation was the major theme running through The Shield. Every character had to make a choice over you or me. Vic Mackey or Ronnie. Who’s going down? Ronnie’s going down. Lem or Shane? I’m sorry Lem. You’re gone. Me or anybody else? That pervert that I planted the information on. Playing jokes on Dutch. What I did to Dutch with Alex O’Laughlin’s character…What was great about The Shield is they tapped into a side of me, which I like to play jokes on people, I like to rib you, I’m an instigator, and they understood that when they hired me. So the thing about Dave Marciano and Billings that was in common was being this little instigator, this jerk. But he does it with humor. This guy’s a ball-buster. And I am. And they tapped into that side of me.

Do all of these shows suggest that we shouldn’t trust the government?

I think we make commentaries. I didn’t mean to avoid your question earlier about that. Here’s the thing about The Shield. When I became Acting Captain, there’s a big riot…and they ask me to make a decision, and I’m like ahh, and they’re like, you’re George Bush. Just think of yourself as George Bush. The liberal Hollywood likes to point out the faults and defects of the current administration. Isn’t that what’s theater is all about? The theater was created to show the powers that be what the masses were unhappy with. And I think that what happens, when we tell stories, even in the modern day, because this is our mythology. Television and film are our mythology, in which we tell stories to the masses so they know how to behave, and it’s a mirror held up to the government or the police. We like to show the general public what the powers that be are doing to you. And we like to show them in inept ways because people want to stick it to the man. There is a lot of waste. There is a lot of ineptitude in our government, there is a lot of ineptitude in our police force. There is a lot of corruption…Dirty. Everything’s dirty. It’s not so slick. It’s very real. All these other shows are very slick. Look how slick our cops our. Look how slick our lawyers are. It’s dirty. It’s in the trenches. That’s what I loved about Michael ClaytonMichael Clayton was amazing. Here’s this big lawyer who’s helping bring down law firms…It’s always a moral dilemma. The thing about The Shield is there’s a moral dilemma every episode. That’s the whole thing that just happened with Penn State. That’s a moral crime. And a sin to morality…they’ll overlook shit for greed and power.

Source: thinkprogress.org

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