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Gary McSpadden Wiki

Gary McSpadden was an American pastor, singer, songwriter, producer, television host and motivational speaker. He had musical roots in quartet music and Southern gospel with The Statesmen, The Oak Ridge Boys, The Imperials, The Bill Gaither Trio, and The Gaither Vocal Band.

Gary McSpadden

Gary McSpadden Biography

Gary McSpadden educational life as a young man is yet to be published but very soon it will be updated.

In 1987, he co-hosted PTL Today after Jim Bakker resigned. McSpadden went on to produce television programs, including the “Jubilee” concert series filmed at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri. He also produced and starred in several live music shows in the Branson area during the 1990s and 2000s.

Gary McSpadden Age

He was born on January 26, 1943, in Mangum, Oklahoma United States and died on April 15, 2020

Gary McSpadden Family

Gary McSpadden was born in Mangum, Oklahoma United States to Boyd McSpadden and Helen McSpadden. The family later moved to Lubbock, Texas where Gary’s father was the pastor of Faith Temple.

His mother and father were songwriters, and at least one of their songs, “Heaven”, became popular after it was recorded by George Beverly Shea and others

Gary McSpadden Wife

Gary married his sweetheart, Carol, on the stage of the National Quartet Convention with Reverend Hovie Lister officiating their wedding.

Gary McSpadden Children

Information will be updated soon

Gary McSpadden Salary

He had an estimated salary of between $10k to $50k per year.

Gary McSpadden Net Worth

Gary McSpadden earned his income from his businesses and from other related organizations. He also earned his income from his work as a pastor, singer, songwriter, producer, television host and motivational speaker. He has an estimated net worth of $ 17 Million dollars.

Gary McSpadden Ministries

Gary McSpadden was a member of the Oak Ridge Boys for a few years. When Jake Hess formed his “all-star” Imperials in 1963, he was part of this legendary quartet. He had returned to Fort Worth to co-pastor a church with his father when the call came from Bill Gaither to join the Gaither Trio.

In the years Gary sang with Bill and Gloria Gaither, and also as an original member of the Gaither Vocal Band, this Texas gentleman’s popularity rose to enormous new heights in Christian music. Currently, he is the host of television shows seen on TBN, FamilyNet, and other networks.

He is the lead pastor of FAITH AND WISDOM CHURCH in Branson Missouri, is a leader in the spreading the Word of God around the world through Teaching, Writing and Singing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Growing up as a “preacher’s kid” and then for thirteen years a Pastor himself, has helped prepare Gary for the Teaching Ministry that God has designed for this man.

Known all across the globe, he is not only considered one of America’s gifted singers but also an anointed Preacher, Teacher and Writer. God called and commissioned Gary to teach the principles of Faith, Wisdom, Spiritual Freedom and Victory. His spiritual insights bring answers to people at the point of their most difficult moments in life. He shares his gift to bring souls to Christ, strengthen families and increase the individual’s faith to believe God for the meeting of every need.

Gary McSpadden Television host and motivational speaker

Gary McSpadden has been appearing on Television & live music shows. He has also been broadcasting on television for years. After Bakker resigned the show, McSpadden accepted an invitation to host the program and stayed on for six months. In January 1999, he began to host a new live music show at Silver Dollar City called Gospel Jubilee. In 2003, McSpadden also starred in a live show with his brother-in-law Dino Kartsonakis titled the “Easter Spring Spectacular”.

In 2004, he moved his live music show to the Americana Theater in Branson and changed the name to Southern Gospel Sundays. The Show was broadcast on TCT. It still included various Christian artists along with segments by Gary teaching on subjects from the Bible. Today The  Show focuses totally on the gospel with teachings from various messages.

Gary McSpadden Songs

  • Gary McSpaddenSongs No Other Name But Jesus
  • Thank God, I Am Free 2009
  • What A Day That Will Be
  • Imperials Prophecy · 2013
  • The Trumpet of Jesus We Will Stand (Live) · 2015
  • Water Grave Sail On · 1977
  • Living Without Your Love One More Song for You · 1979
  • If My People Will Pray Follow the Man With the Music 1974
  • Oh, What A Time What A Time · 2001
  • I’m Forgiven One More Song for You · 1979
  • Swing Down Chariot
  • Holy Is The Lord

 Solo Albums



Record label


Gary McSpadden



How Green Is Your Valley

Sing Records


Hallelujah Maranatha






Higher Purpose

Paragon Records


It Was Enough

McSpadden Group


Separate Journeys




Ariose Music


One Song, One Voice

Word, Incorporated


The Best Of Gary McSpadden



Hymns from the Heart

McSpadden Group


All-Time Favorites

McSpadden Group


From My Soul

McSpadden Group


Highest Praise

McSpadden Group


Back Home Again

MAXX Music


Southern Gospel Classics

McSpadden Group


Familiar Places



Simply the Best of Gary McSpadden

McSpadden Group


Great Hymns & Gospel Songs

Gary McSpadden


Thank You

Gary McSpadden

Gary McSpadden Devotional Album


Album Title


Drive Time Devotions 1


Drive Time Devotions 2


Drive Time Devotions 3


Drive Time Devotions for Moms


Drive Time Devotions for Men


Drive Time Devotions 1


Drive Time Devotions for the Christmas Holidays


Drive Time Devotions 2


Drive Time Devotions for Kids


Drive Time Devotions for Moms


Drive Time Devotions for Men


Scriptures And Thoughts to Bring Healing

Gary McSpadden Best Songs

1. He Came Down To My Level (Gaither Vocal Band-Reunion Volume One Album

2. I Walked Today Where Jesus Walks – Larnelle Harris, Michael English, Bill Gaither & Gary McSpadden

3.Your First Day In Heaven (Gaither Vocal Band-Reunion Volume One Album Version) – Larnelle Harris, Mark Lowry, Gary McSpadden, Jim Murray, Buddy Mullins & Lee Young

4.A Few Good Men (Gaither Vocal Band-Reunion Volume One Album Version) – Steve Green, Larnelle Harris, Mark Lowry, Michael English, Guy Penrod, Gary McSpadden, Jim Murray, Buddy Mullins & Lee Young

5. New Point Of View – Bill Gaither & Larnelle Harris & Jon Mohr & Gary McSpadden

6. Gary McSpadden – It Was Enough

Gary McSpadden From My Soul

  1. Reverence His Holy Name
  2. Come Boldly To The Throne
  3. Hallelujia, Praise The Lamb
  4. From My Soul
  5. All Is Well
  6. Never Changing Father
  7. How Awesome You Must Be
  8. I Am God
  9. Mending Broken People
  10. I Will Give You Glory

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