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Grey Damon Biography

Grey Damon is an American actor, known for his roles in Friday Night Lights and The Nine Lives of Chloe King. Damon co-starred with David Duchovny on the NBC series Aquarius since its premiere beginning on May 28, 2015.

Grey Damon

Grey Damon Age

Grey Damon is a 31 year old American Actor being born on 24th September, 1987 in Bloomington, Indiana, U.S.

Grey Damon Wife

Grey was previously in a relationship with Friday Night Lights Star Aimee Teegarden around 2013 however, the two eventually parted ways a year later in 2014! Grey then got into an ecstatic relationship with the American actress Alice Greczyn for years and this breaks the rumors about his sexuality being gay.

Moreover, the love between them is seemingly as fresh as it was at the time of their relationship’s commencement in 2015. The couple has not revealed the exact timeline of their relationship.

Grey Damon Height

He stands at a decent height of 6 feet and 6 inches.

Grey Damon Networth

His latest work has got him earning well and on his way to a stable income which is starring in the post production of the movie Sex Guaranteed and Cadaver that were released in 2017. His worth is believed to be a number of millions although a rough estimate has not yet been released.

Grey Damon Aquarius

The dramatic series starred actors such as Golden Globe-winner David Duchovny as a police sergeant in Los Angeles. He embarks on an undercover investigation of a cult leader Charles Manson who recruits vulnerable young women to join his cause despite a complicated personal life. Duchovny’s character and that of his young partner face many twists and turns as they track Manson and his crimes.

Grey Damon Station 19

He potrays  Jack Gibson. Jack is going to be forced to go to treatment, according to Barclay showing what firefighters and other servicemen go through after these types of traumatic events. In fact, his best friend isn’t going to know what to do at all.

Grey Damon American Horror Story

He potrayed the role as  Archie Brener.

Grey Damon Interview

What attracted you to the show?

Grey Damon: I loved the concept. I loved that it wasn’t only about Charles Manson but more about the 60’s and the United States of that period. It’s funny because, before joining Aquarius, I didn’t think I would play a cop so early on my career, and to be honest I didn’t want to; I thought it would arrive later. But the thing about Shafe is that he isn’t really a cop. He is undercover so he has to pretend to be whatever the situation calls for.

That’s what made you want to be Brian Shafe?

Grey Damon: Yes. I get to be a lot of different people so I’m not really a cop. If he needs to be a hippie he is going to be a hippie, if he needs to be a drug dealer or a college student he has to pretend to be this way. So he really just becomes whatever the situation calls for or tries to depending on the circumstances. He is not just a cop so immediately this character was so appealing to me.

How would you describe the relationship between your character and Hodiak played by David Duchovny?

Grey Damon: Our relationship is sort of representation of the 60’s because the show is really about this period, about how America was at that time. Our characters represent an aspect of this decade. My guy represents the hippies, the changing generation while Hodiak represents the old generation, who is flabbergasted by what’s happening in his country. They’re different but at the same are so alike.

What do you think of Shafe and Hodiak’s relation with Charmain? What does she represent?

Grey Damon: Shafe develops a lot of respect for her because she represents women in the work force during a decade when they were considered as inferior. Charmain is trying to be a real cop and not just a secretary, and the character is actually based on the first female cop. Shafe needs her as much as he needs Hodiak. They both have a big respect for her, because they know what’s she is going through on a daily basis and they appreciate her, what she can do for the force that not one does.

How is it to work alongside with David Duchovny? Were you a fan?

Grey Damon:It is great. My mum is a big fan of David, she loves the X-files. She watched it when I was a kid so I grew up watching the show and then I watched Californication so I knew him on my TV. And working with him is fantastic. He is a complete pro. He never skipped a line, never missed a mark, he is really helpful. He is the perfect co-star.

How much did you know about the 60’s when you joined the show?

Grey Damon:I wish I knew more. I just basically knew what I had studied when I was at school and what I studied to prepare for the show: the music, Vietnam, some of the political stories back them, the civil rights. , people who were really taking a stand and trying to get noticed in a time of madness.

Have you met Charles Manson or even think of it?

Grey Damon:We talked a lot about it and decided it was better if we didn’t. It’s an historical fiction and even if it’s based on true events we kinda go on our own directions. It’s doesn’t have to be exactly like the true events. It’s our vision about the 60’s and I don’t know if we really want to meet him.

Have you met or talked to a cop of that decade because it’s completely different from what the cops are doing today?

Grey Damon:We had a real cop from the 60’s. He wasn’t from Los Angeles but from New York. He told us really incredibly stories sometimes they were painful sometimes amazing. But he told me a lot of things that I was able to use for Shafe. It was capital.

You also prepared for your role with music.

Grey Damon:Yes, Otis Redding in particular.

The music is quite present in the show…

Grey Damon: Our creator John McNamara initially imagined Aquarius as books not a TV show. And he went to Marty Adelstein our other executive producer, and Marty told him “well it’s about the 60’s, this decade was all about the music”. So John thought of it and it ended up being a TV show not books and it was impossible not to use the music of that time. It’s quite a pivotal element, it helps to settle the moods and atmosphere, the special feelings of this period.

You talked about the different people your character needs to be. If you could travel back to the 60’s what kind of person would you like to be?

Grey Damon: I wouldn’t be a cop. I would probably be a hippy because I’m love arts. If I could choose one famous character, maybe JFK, or Malcolm X… but just for one day and if possible, not during their last day.

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Grey Damon Movies And Tv Shows




2018 Station 19 Lieutenant Jack Gibson
2017 The Magicians Dryad
2016–2017 The Flash Sam Scudder / Mirror Master
2015–2016 Aquarius Brian Shafe
2014 Star-Crossed Grayson Montrose
2013–2014 Twisted Archie Yates
2013 American Horror Story: Coven Archie Brener
2012 The Secret Circle Lee LaBeque
2011 The Nine Lives of Chloe King Brian Rezza
2010 The Odds Zach Klein
2010 Greek Hunter
2010 10 Things I Hate About You Trey
2010 True Blood Kitch Maynard
2010 The Whole Truth Todd Engler
2010–2011 Friday Night Lights Hastings Ruckle
2009 90210 Waiter
2009 Lincoln Heights Serge


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