Louis Farrakhan Biography, Age, Wife And Quotes

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Louis Farrakhan Biography

Louis Farrakhan Born Louis Eugene Walcott formerly known as Louis X, is an American black nationalist and minister who is the leader of the religious group Nation of Islam (NOI). Previously, he served as the minister of mosques in Boston and Harlem and had been appointed National Representative of the Nation of Islam by former NOI leader Elijah Muhammad.

Louis Farrakhan

After Warith Deen Muhammad disbanded the NOI and started the orthodox Islamic group American Society of Muslims, Farrakhan started rebuilding the NOI. In 1981 he renamed his organization from Final Call to the Nation of Islam, reviving the group and establishing its headquarters at Mosque Maryam.

Louis Farrakhan Early Life

Farrakhan was born Louis Eugene Walcott in The Bronx, New York, the younger of two sons of Sarah Mae Manning (January 16, 1900 – November 18, 1988) and Percival Clark, immigrants from the Caribbean islands. His mother was born in Saint Kitts and Nevis. His father was Jamaican. The couple split before Louis was born. Farrakhan says he never knew his biological father. In a 1996 interview with Henry Louis Gates Jr., he speculated that his father, “Gene”, may have been Jewish. After his parents separated, his mother moved in with Louis Walcott from Barbados, who became his stepfather. After Louis’ stepfather died in 1936, the Walcott family moved to Boston, Massachusetts, where they settled in the West Indian neighborhood of Roxbury.

Starting at the age of six, Walcott received training in the violin. He received his first violin at the age of six, and by the time he was 13 years old he had played with the Boston College Orchestra and the Boston Civic Symphony. A year later, he went on to win national competitions. In 1946, he was one of the first black performers to appear on the Ted Mack Original Amateur Hour, where he also won an award. He and his family were active members of the Episcopal St. Cyprian’s Church in Roxbury.

Walcott attended the Boston Latin School, and later the English High School, from which he graduated. He completed three years at Winston-Salem Teachers College, where he had a track scholarship.

Louis Farrakhan Wife

Khadijah Farrakhan converted to Nation of Islam with her husband Louis Farrakhan, then Louis Eugene Wolcott, in 1955, when they had been married for two years. As Supreme Minister, Farrakhan enrolled in the Fruit of Islam while his wife also enrolled in the Muslim Girls Training (MGT) and General Civilization Class (GCC) under the direction of Sister Captain Anna Lois Muhammad in New York City. The Muslim sisters in Mother Khadijah’s class would include many important figures such as Dr. Betty Shabazz, the late wife of Malcolm X.

Louis Farrakhan Children

Donna Farrakhan Muhammad
Mustapha Farrakhan
Joshua Farrakhan
Abnar Farrakhan
Louis Farrakhan Jr.
Maria Farrakhan
Fatimah Farrakhan
Betsy-Jean Farrakhan
Khallada Farrakhan

Louis Farrakhan Age

Louis Was Born On, May 11, 1933.

Louis Farrakhan Net Worth

Farrakhan is an American religious leader who has a net worth of $3 million. Louis Farrakhan reached his net worth through his leadership and brief musical career.

Louis Farrakhan Quotes

The Jews don’t like Farrakhan, so they call me Hitler. Well, that’s a good name. Hitler was a very great man.

There really can be no peace without justice. There can be no justice without truth. And there can be no truth unless someone rises up to tell you the truth.

They call them terrorists, I call them freedom fighters.

Overall, the challenge of leadership is both moral and one of developing the characteristics that make us respected by one another.

Qaddafi is hated because he is the leader of a small country that is rich, but he uses his money to finance liberation struggles.

They should regard me as what I am. I am a spiritual leader and teacher.
I am hoping that in this year of the family we will go into our families and reconcile differences.

Louis Farrakhan Books

Louis FarrakhanBooks
The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews
A Torchlight for America
Let Us Make Man
Back where we belong
Minister Louis Farrakhan, Vintage 1970: Presentation of the Nation of Islam’s Solution to the African Congress in Atlanta, Georgia
Education Is the Key
The Teachings 2. 0: Twitter Sayings of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan Vol. 1

Louis Farrakhan Twitter


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