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Marshall Hall Biography

Marshall Hall is an American singer, songwriter, and producer. He was born on December 30, 1970 Lexington, Kentucky, US.

Marshall Hall

He is best known for his time as a member of the Gaither Vocal Band, his appearances on the Bill Gaither Homecoming tours, and Gaither Homecoming video series.

Marshall Hall Age

He was born on December 30, 1970.

Marshall Hall Height and Weight

He has an estimated height of about  1.87 m  and  a weight of 64 kg.

Marshall Hall Family

Hall was born in Lexington, Kentucky, to a musical family, the mother was called Alice, father Dale, older brother Mitchell, and younger brother Matthew. His mother played piano at church, and dad was a singer. The family’s life was centered on the church and their faith.

Marshall Hall Wife

Hall married Lori Vick in April 2003, and the couple have maintained their marriage with christian values upto date.

Marshall Hall Kids

The couple have been blessed with three  beautiful daughters Presley, Reese and Sela.

Marshall Hall Career

As a session vocalist, Hall has sung background vocals on records and jingles for several national clients, including McDonald’s, Disney, and Warner Bros.

During one session for Bill Gaither, Hall was asked to join the Homecoming artists in Memphis, Tennessee, for a video taping.

Subsequent videos followed for Hall, including tapings in Indianapolis and New York City at Carnegie Hall.

He has written songs for several Gaither videos, as well as for Salvador, Point of Grace, fellow Gaither Vocal Band member David Phelps and the Vocal Band.

Hall joined the Gaither Vocal Band as the new baritone in early 2004 after an invitation from Bill Gaither that led to a one and a half month audition.

Hall was on the road with the Gaither Vocal Band until 2009, when he left the group to pursue a solo career and ministry work.

Since 2009, Hall has re-joined the GVB to fill in as lead and baritone.

Marshall Hall Net Worth

It has not yet been clear how much he makes in a year but some suggested info indicate that he might making about $68’000’000 t but this might be unreliable..

Marshall Hall Songs

  • Marshall HallSongs
    Glorious Impossible
    Give It Away · 2006
  • Love Can Turn the World
    Give It Away · 2006
  • Little Is Much When God Is In It
  • Sitting At The Feet Of Jesus
    Together · 2007
  • I’m Gonna Keep On
    Moments To Remember · 2008
  • Swing Down Chariot
    Together · 2007
  • Blow The Trumpet In Zion
    Together · 2007
  • I Will Go On
    Give It Away · 2006
  • When I Cry
    Lovin’ Life · 2008
  • What A Day That Will Be
  • Love Is Like A River
    Together · 2007
  • I Bowed on My Knees
  • Worthy the Lamb
    Give It Away · 2006
  • Bread Upon the Water
    Give It Away · 2006
  • A Picture of Grace
  • There’s Always A Place At The Table
    Lovin’ Life · 2008
  • Jesus And John Wayne
    Lovin’ Life · 2008
  • My Journey to the Sky
    Give It Away · 2006
  • O Little Town Of Bethlehem
    Christmas Gaither Vocal Band Style · 2008
  • Jesus Loves Me
    Give It Away · 2006
  • I’m Forgiven
    Lovin’ Life · 2008
  • Sweet, Sweet Spirit
    Together · 2007
  • I’ll Tell It Wherever I Go
    Give It Away · 2006
  • Holy Highway
    Together · 2007
  • Build an Ark
    Lovin’ Life · 2008
  • Passin’ The Faith Along
    Gaither Gospel Series: Passin’ The Faith Along · 2004
  • Child Forgiven
    Give It Away · 2006
  • Give It Away
    Give It Away · 2006
  • Go Ask
    Lovin’ Life · 2008
  • Holy Is The Lord

Marshall Hall Album

  1. Marshall Hall Brighter One
  2. Marshall Hall Wisdom of Fools
  3. Gaither Vocal Band Christmas Gaither Vocal Band Style
  4. Candy Christmas Rivers Of Joy
  5. The Hemphills Down By The Tabernacle
  6. Gaither Vocal Band Give It Away
  7. Marshall Hall Boundless
  8. The Old Friends Quartet Journey To The
  9. Eva Mae LeFevre Joy In My Heart

Marshall Hall Dove Awards



Nominated Work


Southern Gospel Recorded Song of the Year

“A Picture Of Grace” (with the Gaither Vocal Band)


Southern Gospel Album

Give It Away (with the Gaither Vocal Band)


Southern Gospel Recorded Song of the Year

“Give It Away” (with the Gaither Vocal Band)


Southern Gospel Album

Lovin’ Life (with the Gaither Vocal Band)


Christmas Album

Christmas Gaither Vocal Band Style (with the Gaither Vocal Band)


Country Album

Brighter One


Recorded Country Song of the Year

“There Is Nothing Greater Than Grace”

Marshall Hall Barrister

Over the next few days I’m going to recommend some good books for summerreading for anyone interested in the law, especially the criminal law.

The first is Sally Smith’s biography of Marshall Hall: “A law unto himself.”

Smith is a barrister, a very good one too, who since taking silk has specialisedin medical cases, although she obviously knows her way around the criminal lawtoo.20160728 183901 Her subject, Edward Marshall Hall – known to manysimply as Marshall – was what we would now call a “Celebrity:” a barristerwhose oratory saved numerous men and women from the gallows.

Seddon might have joined Hall’s more fortunate clients but he was unwiseenough to ignore his counsel’s advice not to give evidence.

The evidence against Seddon was weak, and insofar as it depended uponscientific opinion it had been demolished by Hall in a long and painstakingcross-examination of Sir William Wilcox, the Home Office pathologist.

Hall had repeatedly urged Seddon not to expose himself to cross-examination, even walking back to the dock to re-emphasise that advice at the end of whatwas generally agreed to have been a fairly weak prosecution case.

Unwisely, Seddon believed he knew more about jury psychology than Hall:.

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