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Sam Jaeger Biography

Sam Jaeger (Samuel Heath Jaeger) is an American actor and screenwriter best known for the movie Hart’s War (2002), ER (1994), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000).

Sam Jaeger

He also co-wrote and co-produced two short films; Quiz Bowl and Advantage Hart.

Sam Jaeger Age

He was born on January 29, 1977, in Perrysburg, Ohio, U.S. He is 42 years old as of 2019.

Sam Jaeger Height

He stands at a height of 1.83 m.

Sam Jaeger Photo

Sam Jaeger Family

He is the son of LeAnne (nee Graening) and Charles Jaeger. He is the youngest of the four children born to his family. He attended Perrysburg High School and graduated in 1995 and later went to Otterbein College where he graduated in 1999 with a  Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.

Sam Jaeger Wife |  Spouse

He married Amber Marie, an actress, on August 25, 2007. The two met while at Otterbein College. They are blessed with four children; August, born in 2010, Redford, born in 2014, Calvin, born June 26, 2016, and stepdaughter, Aubrey.


He began his career while still in college with a guest role in the Law & Order (1990) series and then acted on several theater stages in New York before he moved to Los Angeles and Holly Wood. His career catapulted to the next level when he earned a role in the well-known film Traffic (2000) and Behind Enemy Lines (2001). He then played a lead role alongside Bruce Willis and Colin Farrell in Harts War (2002).

He wrote, directed and starred with his wife in the 2011 film Take Me Home.

Sam Jaeger Movies And Shows






Dr. Chris Condera

The Handmaid’s Tale

Mark Tuello


Law & Order: True Crime

Detective Les Zoeller

S.W.A.T.: Under Siege

Travis Hall

When We Rise, Episodes 1-3

Richard, Ken Jones’s lover


Brave New Jersey

Paul Davison


October Kiss

Ryan Larson (Male Lead)


Joel Graham

To Dust Return

John Reynolds


American Sniper

Navy Seal Lt. Martin

Inherent Vice

Agent Flatweed


Miss Dial


The Truth About Emanuel



Take Me Home



Friday Night Lights


Eli Stone

Matt Dowd


Breaking Down Carla



Lucky Number Slevin

Nick Fisher

Catch and Release



The Filmmaker

Commander in Chief

Vince’s Partner


The Riverman (TV Movie)

Dave Reichert


Kamal ‘Tim Garrity’ Muhammad


Advantage Hart

Colt Skyler

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Kevin the Bellman


Steve Larkin


Hart’s War

Capt. R.G. Sisk

Blood Work



Behind Enemy Lines

Red Crown Operator #1


The West Wing

Bill Kelley

Sam Jaeger Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million from his career.

Sam Jaeger Parenthood

He stars as Joel Graham.

Sam Jaeger American Sniper

He stars as Navy Seal Lt. Martin.

Sam Jaeger Scrubs

He stars as Steve Larkin.

Sam Jaeger Tell Me A Story

He stars as Tim Powell.

Sam Jaeger Family Photos | Beard

Sam Jaeger Images

Sam Jaeger Interview

Interview: Sam Jaeger Goes from ‘Parenthood’ to PTSD in the Harrowing ‘Plain Clothes’

Adapted From:

The one complaint I have is that Plain Clothes is so short.

(Laughs) Well, by its very nature, we figured we’d make a short film. So I’m sorry that from its very inception it was disappointing to you.

Were you planning at all on expanding Cole’s story?

Yeah, it’s a discussion we’re having right now, we’ve been talking to a number of networks about possibly expanding it into a series, maybe make a feature out of this, but we’re still in the early stages of that. The response we’ve had is that, as you said, people want to see more of that world. I think that means we’re onto something.

How was the process of writing Cole?

It was interesting, I didn’t expect to write Cole. He came from some conversations I’d had with some officers I know well and hearing their story I thought it was something I hadn’t seen. We talk so often about the struggles the military have, but rarely about the struggles the police have, like balancing their work with their home lives, they don’t go away for months at a time and then have to adjust, they come home every night. To me, that was really interesting for a film, so I wrote it pretty quickly, did some re-writes, and I had spent so long making Take Me Home that I liked the idea of doing a short film.

Why did you make your film available for free?

We just felt like the film festival is great for filmmakers who want to get their name out, but thanks to Parenthood my name is out, so what was most important to us was that the people who would benefit from a short film like this would have immediate access. We’ve had a police trainer already ask us if they could use our film as part of their training, and that’s the reason why I wanted to make it available for everyone.

Why do you think that PTSD, which is a serious mental issue, is discussed so little in popular culture?

That’s a good question, strangely enough, I think it has to do with the mentality of the officers, in both the military and the police;  they’re trained to keep up, protect themselves and in order to keep this up, I don’t want to isolate female officers, but I think there’s something of a mentality of masculinity, where men are not allowed to show or process their emotions, and I think that’s a pretty slippery slope. I want my film to be the start of a conversation about this.

I agree and I believe American Sniper was aiming to address this, but then it got turned into a big political, controversial issue and people didn’t talk about the PTSD elements in it.

Yeah, it’s been so much about the personal storyline of Chris Kyle and that takes away from what I feel the movie did really well, which was talking about this, you see some really harrowing stuff, and in the conversations I’ve had with officers about the things they see, I realized that it’s a really hard thing to walk away from at the end of the day. There’s a reason why the police divorce rate is 80%, it’s hard to balance, and all the scrutiny on officers right now should make us look at how they’re trained. Officers have a job that needs to be done, and I think it’s an important one, so we should make sure they’re mentally healthy.

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