Tabitha Lipkin Biography, Age, Family, Boyfriend, Fox 5, Salary And Net Worth

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Tabitha Lipkin Biography

Tabitha Lipkin is an American Journalist. She is currently working at FOX 5  as a sport anchor and reporter.Tabitha works for FOX Sports San Diego where she creates unique content for their shows “SD Live” and “Keepin’ Tabs.” She is a winner of  Miss Scuba International 2014.  She anchors nationally for OAN.  Tabitha won an Emmy for her travel show “Private Islands” and doing weather-features-sports for the former CW6 station in San Diego

Tabitha Lipkin

Tabitha Lipkin Age

Lipkin was born on April 4, 1990, in Mount Pleasant, Texas, United States. She is 29 years old as of year 2019.

Tabitha Lipkin Height

Tabitha stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.75meters).

Tabitha Lipkin Family |Tabitha Lipkin Education

Tabitha was born in Texas. She doesn’t reveal much about her family, thought there is no doubt that she shares a special bond with them. In 2011 Tabitha earned her bachelor degree in Journalism from the Salzburg Academy  She continued with her education by  attending The University of Texas at Austin and graduating in Broadcast, Journalism. Tabitha also took her first scuba diving course during her days at the University.

Tabitha Lipkin Boyfriend | Tabitha Lipkin Dating

Tabitha Lipkin has a beautiful relationship with her boyfriend whose identity remains low. She did, however, reveal a little how her relationship with her potential future husband might be. The reporter was meeting online the love of her life. She once dedicated an entire post to her boyfriend. She spoke about how her boyfriend was her best friend, advisor, and somebody who really cared about her from the very first date they had in December 2017. Although she reveals much less about her boyfriend, on her social media sites, Tabitha doesn’t feel shy about flaunting her picture with him.

Tabitha Lipkin FOX 5

Tabitha excited to be part of the FOX 5 team as the weekend sports anchor and reporter. As a sport anchor she works for FOX Sports San Diego where she creates unique content for their shows “SD Live” and “Keepin’ Tabs.”She works at Fox 5 alongside Russ Spencer. Cynne Simpson, Tom Haynes And other team members.

In 2012, Tabitha began her career by taking internship as a research guest for major programs such as the Colbert Report and Conan. She became a writer and director of social media for Cruising Outpost, a magazine for sailing and travel lifestyle, in July 2013. She was hired as a freelance reporter for Fox Sports a little over a year later and in 2016 she hosted her own segment called’ Tabitha Lipkin Keeping Tabs.’ She helped to produce and host 30-minute travel programs for AWE TV from September 2015 to January 2016. She became an anchor on One America News Network in May 2015 and became a weather anchor and reporter for Fox 5 San Diego in April 2017.

Tabitha had a variety of jobs before her television career, including Real Estate Agent, Bartender, Zipline Tour Guide, Production Coordinator, and selling meat door-to-door from a college trunk.

Tabitha Lipkin Miss Scuba

Tabitha won the 2014 Miss Scuba International competition and spoke on behalf of the organization around the world about marine conservation. As a result of her scuba diving career, she has had several sponsors including Aqua Lung Worldwide and Body Glove. Moreover, Tabitha was Jetpack America’s first female flight instructor and the world’s youngest American woman to sail.

Tabitha Lipkin Salary | Tabitha Lipkin Net Worth

Tabitha has made her fortune through various medium and as a FOX 5 reporter and sport anchor. She earns an average salary $82K. However she has not yet revealed her estimated net worth but with all the accumulated amount, there’s so doubt that her net worth has reached millions.

Tabitha Lipkin Instagram

Tabitha Lipkin Twitter

Tabitha Lipkin Talking About Herself

My background is rather diverse. I’ve worked pretty much ever job you can imagine. I’ve been a Real Estate Agent, Bartender, Zipline Tour Guide, Production Coordinator, and in college, I actually used to sell meat door to door out of a truck. No Joke. My true passion, however, is finding adventure above and below the surface… and so far I feel like I’m off to a good start.

You see, in conjunction with traveling, I get a kick out of telling stories. The world is a beautiful and mysterious place… and although we may all be different, we all share the common bond of humanity. I’ve spent the last few years traveling the world, meeting people, exploring different places, and of course learning more and more everyday. I’m certainly not your typical broadcaster, and for that, I’m grateful.

I first got my start working with the best comedians in the industry. I took internships with both Conan on TBS, and The Colbert Report on Comedy Central before transitioning in front of the camera. Currently, I spend my time working as a sports anchor and reporter on Fox 5 San diego.

Along with this, I LOVE making people laugh, and if I can do that a least once a day, I know I’ve accomplished something great.

I stay pretty busy. “I will not be outworked” I say… haha, so a lot of my time is split between finding adventures below the surface, and getting back on the anchor desk in time for my weekend shows.

Scuba diving is BY FAR one of my favorite pastimes. Three years ago, I was crowned as Miss Scuba International 2014, and to me, it was another incredible year that afforded me the ability to explore the world and share my knowledge of marine conservation. My love of scuba diving hasn’t stopped there and every chance I get, I take a moment to adventure under the surface and explore the last frontier on earth… our oceans.

I am currently a sponsored athlete under Aqua Lung. Excitingly enough, they have agreed to help me with my journey of inspiring others to explore the depths of our blue planet.

I don’t really know what’s next (and I never really do)… but there’s really nothing wrong with a long journey ahead as long as you have a great view. And the view from here is spectacular.

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