Victoria Paul(The Bachelor) Bio, Age, Partner, Family, and Net Worth.

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Victoria is an American reality television star and nurse known for being a contestant in season 24 of the dating and relationship reality television series, The Bachelor. She loves being an aunty and also Victoria is a natural caregiver.

Also, she has been to beauty pageants where she won the Miss Louisiana title.

Victoria Paul

Victoria Paul Age

Paul was born in 1992 in Alexandria, Louisiana. She is 28 years old as of 2019.

Victoria Paul Family

She has had a hard time with her family since the death of her father while she was young. On the other hand, her mother and sister have had to deal with drug addiction. As of now, the two ladies are clean from drugs.

According to a post shared by Victoria, it proves that her sister has a child. Paul describes her sister as the best mother in the world. Apart from that, Victoria loves her niece so much that she keeps on sharing photos of her and her niece. She describes her as the best friend to ever get.

Victoria Paul Height

Not Known

Victoria Paul Nursing

Apart from spending her time as a television personality, Paul is also a nurse. She works at Premier Urgent Care and Dermatology Office. However, at first, she was in school to study business but she changed in 2014 to study nursing.

Her nursing license is due to expire on 31 January 2020 as she attained it on 28 December 2017. Also, she has no disciplinary cases with her. In addition to being a nurse at her workplace, she also performs sales and marketing tasks.

Victoria Paul Education

She attended the school of business at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She was in school from 2011 to 2014 when she changed to pursue Nursing. Paul transferred to Central Louisiana Technical Community College. In the school, she has an associate degree in Family Practice Nursing from graduates of 2016.

Victoria Paul Miss Louisiana

In 2019, she won the Miss Louisiana title. This was not her first time to participate in the competition. At first, she was in 2017 but she was eliminated in the top 10. Later on, she was second runner-up in 2018.

Her story about the pageant title was on her Instagram post and she wrote, “All of my life, all I ever dreamed was for my past experiences to mean something, to lift others up, and to be a light in this world. No matter how many crowns are placed on top of my head, my number of successes or setbacks, my arms will always remain open to hug and genuinely love the rest of this world. So incredibly grateful that I get this amazing opportunity and for every single person who has believed in me.”

Additionally, she joined the Miss USA pageant in 2019 May and she was placed in the top 15. Victoria and Alayah had met in the Pageants contest for Miss USA. Benavidez was Miss Texas during the time but neither of them won the title.

Victoria Paul Dog

Paul adopted a dog, Doodle in early 2018. The dog was due to lose its vision because of suffering malnutrition and neglect from the previous home. However, after Paul adopted it, the eyesight is improving thanks to her.

She describes this as the sweetest impulse decision she has ever made.

Victoria Paul Partner

Before joining the Bachelor contest, Paul was in a two-year relationship. However, his partner practiced infidelity which led to the couples breaking up. As per now, Victoria is looking for someone to take care of her as she does for others.

Her scores with Peter are neutral but she is ever ready to give the best hugs to Peter when they meet.

Victoria Paul The Bachelor

She is a contestant of the Bachelor season 24. Victoria might be having a feud with Alayah as the two have already met in the beauty contestant of Miss USA 2019. At some point, Alayah had accused Paul of lying about her to Peter.

Chris describes her as a quick to emotion lady hence she might be the first to confess her love to Peter. The Bachelor is a dating and relationship reality show that stars Peter Weber. It airs on ABC from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

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